Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's raining again

In constant fear that my internal organs are going to start tumbling out through my jitch, I’ve revived The Kegel Pole-kaTM exercise regime.1 You'll recall this involves a fair bit of walking, so I wisely decided to start yesterday, which happened to be the hottest, sunniest day we’ve seen for what seems like forever.2 I walked pretty far in bad shoes, sweating and turning a bright and melty shade of red that had my satellite-office3 employees diving for the phone to call 911 when I arrived there looking all heart-attacky-ish.

So today I was working at Mount Saint Vincent University. (Note the name.) I didn’t have the car and had printed off a bunch of bus schedules so I could take the bus home. Unfortunately, in my printing frenzy I forgot to bring money or tickets for the bus, so I set out to track down some change. It was after 5 pm, and it’s summer, so the only thing open in the Seton Academic Centre complex was the library.

“Is there a bank machine here or would I have to got up to Rosaria?” I asked the friendly librarian, who must have been bored stiff and miserably lonely because she jumped up and ran towards me as soon as I opened the library door.

“I’m sorry, you’d have to go up to Rosaria.”

Rosaria is behind the library. It takes about three minutes to get there. But it’s up a hill. A steep hill. (This is where you recall the university’s name. The MOUNT.4) And there’re A LOT of crows there that time of day.5

So instead, in my infinite and ever-surprising wisdom, I opted to take the half-hour walk to the grocery store instead. In the rain.6 Actually it was more of a drizzle – one where an umbrella won’t even help7 because the drops don’t fall down, they just sort of hover and slide around through the air, making them impossible to escape. If you’re stunned enough to venture outside. Which I clearly am.8

Do you know what was going through my head as I walked? Yep, you guessed it: the theme music from Sex And The City. It’s not that I think I’m anything like Carrie Bradshaw (I wish), but it sure makes the walk more fun if you strut a little and pretend like you don’t know the bus with your picture on the side is about to come along and splash mucky water all over you and your pink-leotard-and-tutu dress.9

So I’m prancing (yes, prancing) down the Bedford Highway during rush hour, and it’s not the most picturesque sight – the railroad tracks on the left mar the view of Halifax Harbour and giant concrete retaining walls flank me on the right. But then I see this:

Here it is up close:

That’s right. It’s raining rose petals.

Be open to the happy, my friends. It’s out there – rain or shine.

1. I’m also concerned that if I don’t start losing some weight, I’m going to need a new postal code now that Canada Post is back in action.

2. It’s been raining incessantly here for the past few months. We all have Seasonal Affective Disorder and want to kill each other. I’ve even taken to sniping at strangers on other people’s blogs and FaceBook about the stupidest things. I haven’t been this bitchy since I made a girl cry in Grade 10 debating. The topic was “smoking in bingo halls.” I have no idea if our team was pro or con. All that matters is that we won, bitches.

3. Starbucks.

4. Please – no nun sex jokes, k?

5. Like, thousands. No joke.

6. Did I mention that the hot sunny weather was short-lived? Mother Nature has a serious hate-on for us right now. I blame the NDP.

7. Not that I had the fucking foresight to bring an umbrella, of course.

8. By the time I reached Superstore, my hair had frizzed to such a size that I couldn't fit through the door.

9. Sorry – that’s the SAD seeping in.


Jan Morrison said...

As you know, I'm also part of the greater Halifax SAD disorder association. ARGGGGGGGH! when will it end.
Loved your post - were you wearing Manhlo Blahniks or however you spell those things?
I'm going to work - that's one good thing about this weather, I don't care if I have to go to work instead of being in the garden. I'm not even looking in the garden.
A suggestion that you can ignore if you like - consider whether you really need a verification program. Most of us constant commentors find them a real pain in the keester. Just a thought.

Jodi R. said...

Nah - they were Jimmy Choos - my Blahniks are at the shop. lol

I will take off the verification thing - that's a good idea. I am terribly frustrated with a couple of other blogs because they won't let me leave messages - they ask me to log in to my google account and then when I do word verification they kick me back to the login again. Grrr. Has this ever happened to you?

Thanks for popping in Jan - I still don't know how you do such involved and thoughtful posts so frequently - this takes up about 3 days worth of brain cells! (I blame the drinking in high school/university.)


vijami said...

Footnote #2 had me laughing out loud. In public. Long live Sealanes, Commercial St., North Sydney. "BINGO" "Ah, Shit!!"

Jodi R. said...

lol - that's awesome, vijami! Ahh, Sealanes...

Anonymous said...